"It's finally OFFICIAL-recorded in the books! Words are not enough to describe how the Lord orchestrated all the tiny details, even down to the buttercups growing in my backyard. I am confident the LORD will use this home, my family and our testimony, one day--i know He will. There is a purpose in EVERYTHING that happens in our lives, the good the bad and the ugly-the LORD will use it all, to show His faithfulness. I pray that this home will be a blessing to all who enter and for those who enter with heavy hearts that they will be filled with HOPE! Gosh, my heart is ready to explode--can you tell? I also want to give a huge shout out to our stinking amazing realtor James Esmeyer with Shamrock Realtors--thank you my friend for traveling on this journey with us, for your incredible patience, encouragement and HARDWORK you poured into us over the last 6 months. You are such a blessing!! We will always remember how you encouraged us to WATCH God work---and WORK HE DID!!!!"

- Rebekah Humes (12.30.2015)